Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Family Fun

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to a pumpkin patch in Virginia. It was nice to get together and share in the fun and provided a chance for K to spend time with her grown up siblings. Something a child 10 years younger then her youngest brother doesn't get to do as often as she'd like. The day even had a bonus of two sister in laws!! Can't get much better than that.

The place had quite a few animals which makes this farm a winner in K's book.

We met this curious little creature....

...and even fed him. He followed us around after that, but that just meant I could get some more pictures of his cuteness.

Take a look at those long lashes. Go on the picture and take a closer look. I'll wait.

I caught him in the corner trying to blend in with our group. He's just hanging around enjoying the family vibe...or maybe it was the bag of kettle corn in our hands.

Nah...he just wanted to come home with us.

Okay, enough about him....or her.

The farm had goats. I adore goats. Don't know why, but I do. I'm sure that probably says something about my character....



Turkey, anyone? These just happen to be some unattractive birds,


turkeys are quite handsome compared to this!

There was no sign cluing us into what kind of bird this was. If you know...drop me a line.

Like any good farm, there were


pigs, and

piglet races.

You can't possibly have more fun than watching piglets race!! Those little oinkers were FAST, too.

The day was filled with...


time out for....

a few unruly family members,

slide races between

brothers and spouses,

embarrassing photos,


swinging bodies and

swinging golf clubs!

Great Country Farms even had a....



two or three or a hundred million.

When it was time to go the pumpkin patch, my kids did what they do best.

Quickly divide and conquer!

Everyone secured the "PERFECT" pumpkin in less than two minutes.

While I just took in the scenery (in less than two minutes!).

All in all, I cannot think of a better way to spend a few hours on a cool fall day.

Here's one more animal picture, just because....

Good thing this little bunny was behind a cage. I think either K, T or I would have found a way to sneak him home otherwise!!


Melissa B. said...

Greetings from VA! I think I've been to this particular pumpkin patch. Love your Superior Snaps. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...Happy Saturday Sharefest!

One Quarter to Go 'Til Halftime

KelliT said...

Tam, I think that creature is a guinea hen. Here in Texas we just call them guineas!

Amy R. said...

What KelliT said... your strange bird is a guinea. We have a white pearl guinea in with our chickens.