Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I must say that having a Menu Plan for the week last week made a huge difference in how my week flowed. There was only one bump in the road on Wednesday and I had to ditch the plan. The pork loin was bought, but was a whole pork loin and I hadn't had time to cut a roast out of it. That certainly wasn't going to happen early in the morning as I was preparing to head out for a whirlwind of activities. So, we will revisit that meal idea this coming Wednesday. Only this time I will be prepared.

Still, I was having some mixed feelings about coming up with my next meal plan. You know how you can talk yourself into thinking something is going to be a bigger ordeal than it is in reality? Yes, I did that to myself. Even though I viewed it as a positive thing I was just so sure it was going to eat up so much of my time that I almost decided to skip it. However, I'm not one that easily likes to admit defeat....and only having participated in Menu Plan Monday over at Organized Junkie ONCE would be considered a failure. So, I sucked it up and pulled out my big recipe binder. After taking a quick glance in my freezer to see what was available, I sat down and turned the pages in my binder. I used the recipes for inspiration and knocked out a plan in no time at all.

Here's my second menu plan:

Monday:(busy day)
Leftover Steak
Fried Potatoes

Pineapple Rice (I'll try and write down the recipe and share's GOOD!!)
Trader Joe Potstickers
Chinese Cole Slaw (I'll halve the recipe)

Pork Roast with Potatoes and Onions (crockpot recipe from Fix it and Forget it)
Green Beans
Salad with homemade Ranch Dressing

Fish (the guys caught blues during the summer)
Fruit Smoothies

Spicy Southwestern Style Pork with veggies (using leftover roast...and I'll make up a recipe here)
Brown Rice
Marinated Black Beans

Leftover Marinated Black Beans
Fruit Smoothies

Sunday: Family Dinner
Cream Cheese Chicken in the Crock Pot
Steamed Broccoli
Fresh Fruit

Well, that's the plan for the week. Go check out Menu Plan Monday and visit a few other blogs that are participating. You'll have enough ideas for months of meal plans. Make sure you have a snack before browsing....I am not responsible for what it will do to your grocery budget if you dare peek while hungry!!


Frizzy said...

Wow! Those sound yummy. What time should we be there? Seriously tho, I've been planning ahead and it's a huge help with finances AND stress during the week. Tonight we're having tacos. Tomorrow we're having scalloped potatoes and ham. YUMMY!

StephF said...

Thanks for sharing! Lots of good ideas I may have to borrow for another week. I got my menu posted & my groceries bought for this week. Hope I can stick to the plan!! ;-)

Crazy Daisy said...

Hello! You won something over at my blog for creative week! Please contact me at foreverdaisies65 at yahoo dot com


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

I'm with you on making things seem like a big ordeal! Looks like a great menu! One of these days I'll start to plan ahead, too! :-)

(Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!)