Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Gang

Here's the gang posing for their 2009 Christmas gift to us. A friend asked how we got them all together. The answer....WE didn't! Oldest daughter in law (not really a catchy title, huh?) made a point to coordinate the gang and have them all in one place at one time ready for picture taking. Personally...I love it.

I took the photo and headed right over to SeeHere and picked out free Christmas cards. It's too late for that special, but you can head over there and see their current overnight shipping on select photo gifts. Oldest son and daughter in law, J & T, also had their pictures taken together and went to the site for their free Christmas cards. Want to hear something funny? I'll tell you anyway... Out of the many, many choices for backgrounds for cards we picked out the exact same ones and our second choice was even the same.

Scary, yet cool!!

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Betsy said...

I love seeing your Christmas picture! And I love having your blog show up with a new post this morning....maybe you'll inspire me to post something on my own lonely blog. :)