Monday, February 22, 2010

another visit with the snow....

We are thankfully in the melting phase and I can see some patches of ground here and there. Not really much in my yard, but I know it won't be long. Poor Dodger sure hopes the thaw comes quickly as his old legs just don't bring him much confidence to navigate the yard. So, he's been confined to a small patch that the kids have dug out for him and every once in a while he ventures a little ways out on top of the snow. It isn't long before he turns around and heads back with his head hung low.

I couldn't let this storm go without posting some of the gang playing in our backyard. K loves when the older brothers and sister in laws come over, especially when there is snow to play in.

K is enjoying her ringside seat at the

"Wrestling in Snow Show"

Looks like a standoff....

Seamus loves catching snowballs.

I would say what a sweet guy giving out piggy back rides...but this one ended with him plopping down backwards right into the snow on purpose.

She still loves him. :)

While the snowfall was very pretty and family time was priceless,

I am ready for spring.

In fact, even K groaned when we mentioned snow flurries in the forecast!!
Let's hope this is the last snow post for winter 2010.

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