Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's 101 degrees outside and I think it might as well be 200 degrees. I don't do well in 101 or 200 degree weather. Well, unless I have a nice ocean breeze blowing over me while I sit under a big beach umbrella and someone keeps bringing me frozen concoctions. However, since I'm at home and last time I looked we did not own beachfront property, I'm staying inside. Inside where the air condition is trying it's very best to blow cool air. I have fans blowing in several rooms and one can find some relief by standing directly in front of the fan...not that I keep doing that or anything.

This morning I went out early...thought I'd beat the heat...(hahahahahahaha NO)...and checked out the garden. When I brought in my basket of goodies, I decided that I could no longer ignore the cucumber "situation". You know what I mean. That's when the amount of cucumbers in the house exceeds the number of people in your family x a bazillion.

I kept saying I would make pickles, but I have to admit....I was just a tad intimidated. Sure I went out and bought supplies and all, even read some recipes online. In order to postpone the inevitable I went ahead and made several quarts of freezer pickles, which are yummy...but they are sweet. And we can only eat so many sweet pickles at a time. I had promised K that I would make some yummy pickles and I promised Mike that I wouldn't let the cucumbers rot.

Well, I decided today was the day to face the fear head on and get myself busy pickling. I had two recipes that I wanted to try. One recipe was for making refrigerator garlic dill spears and the other was using a package of Mrs. Wages pickling mix. I decided to make chips with that batch. The refrigerator recipe was the easiest. However, you have to store them in the fridge and eat them up in a month or so. That limits the amount I could get away with making. The downside of that recipe is waiting a week or so to even open the jars to try them! At least we can try the other kind in 24 hours to help keep our mind off of the spears.

I love hearing the pop that lets me know all is going well with my pickles and they are sealing. That is such a sweet, satisfying sound. It helps (a teeny tiny bit) lessen the discomfort of realizing that my kitchen is now 101 degrees.

Think I'll go stand in front of the freezer for a bit...need to check on those freezer pickles!

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