Friday, June 19, 2009

Mark this one down.....

I was working on some house chores yesterday and really going through lots of paper work and loose ends. You out a junk drawer stuffed with all my "I'll get to that later" junk. I called the insurance company, called in a prescription refill, sorted some recipes to try, filled in my calendar, collected some free meal coupons and put them in my purse...and I even cleaned out my purse. I was on a roll. Then, it hit. The "sleepys" settled over me and I really didn't want to do anymore. My poor brain kept telling me to get moving...but my muscles had a mind of their own. So, what could a gal do? I asked (BEGGED) my son to run to Starbucks to pick up a mocha frappucino for me....and I offered to buy him a coffee, too. I don't know if it was the free coffee or a bit of a sympathetic heart looking at his pitiful, tired mama, but off he went to Starbucks.

I sat and relaxed a little bit while sipping on my frappucino. Oh my goodness, what a miracle beverage. Next thing I know I'm out in the kitchen cleaning out cabinets, doing more dishes, and......LAUNDRY!! Now do we EVER get to stop doing laundry?

Earlier this week, K made a to-do list for the day and she wrote "finish laundry". I had to gently break it to her that that was actually impossible! I looked at her list later in the day and she had scratched off the word "Finish" and just left laundry. It was a little sad, but she is now old enough to know that it doesn't ever stop! Yep, LAUNDRY is a word that is on EVERY single to-do list I have ever written as an adult (and I write lots of lists).

Anyway...back to my frappucino buzz.

So, here I am working on tossing clothes in the wash, moving things to the dryer, folding clothes and putting them away. Suddenly.... a glorious sight appeared before me! I had to blink and rub my eyes to see if what I thought I saw was really there. I even pinched myself...ok, just a teeny, tiny pinch...but enough to know I was indeed awake. I shouted for Kristin to get the camera!! She ran....while I stood guard to make sure it didn't disappear.

I managed to capture the image and I'm considering having a poster made.


So, today I made a to-do list......laundry is on it.

I knew it was an image that would quickly fade. Thank goodness, I managed to mark this one down.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where in the world have I been???

No, the wolves haven't taken me away!!

We have been swamped the past few weeks. I've missed being here sharing pictures and reading your wonderful comments. So, I'm ready to jump right back in your reading schedule. :) We've had a birthday, a week "stay at home" vacation, movie dates, pool days, garden tending, tennis lessons and even some sort of bug. (can't go too long without someone getting sick!)

I'm also looking forward to checking into all my favorite blogs. I haven't even had time for much of that. Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer...even though technically it's still spring!!