Thursday, July 21, 2011

Healthy Must Try Treat....

No, this isn't a bowl of sauteed kale!

It's actually Kale Chips and they are so light and crispy...with a touch of saltiness. Such a simple recipe that I just couldn't resist trying. They even passed the Miss K test with flying colors! In case you didn't know, that is a HUGE endorsement. I do NOT expect this to make it past dinner. You know what? I'm excited about that! Have you checked out the nutritional benefits of this amazing leafy green??

To make life even simpler, I used the 10 oz bag of washed and trimmed Kale from Trader Joe's. (love that store) There were a few rib pieces to sort out, but mostly it was all good to go.

Want the "recipe"?
(you can hardly call it a recipe, it's so easy)

Click below for the details and put Kale on your shopping list!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Spoiled.....

So, my birthday is tomorrow. My plans?? Well, I actually made a point to make no plans. A weekend of doing nothing sounded good. My parents are at the beach and I told them not to bother coming home early for my birthday. My oldest son, daughter in law and grandbaby are also at the beach this weekend and I sincerely hope they have a wonderful time.

Really, this no fuss birthday weekend sounds so good. I'll do some garden work, maybe shop a little and probably read a bit. I'm sure there will be some time spent trying to get the skin on my legs to at least match the skin color on my arms....which isn't even all that tan. (but compared to my legs my arms look like I'm a bronzed goddess) I bet we'll even watch a movie or two over the weekend and grill something yummy. So, for doing nothing it sounds like plenty.

The other day, J & T gave me an early birthday present since they knew they would be out of town. I was surprised because I wasn't really expecting a thing.

Our last name means rooster.
Now, I have a cake/dessert plate that matches our theme and color. I even have a recipe in mind to "break-in" my new plate.
(The recipe just happens to be dairy free/gluten free and all chocolatey.)

Like I said, this gift was unexpected and really I didn't expect any more "unknown" presents. I had already given my mom a specific item to get me and I planned to spend some birthday money getting two more things. (all three items have me excited but would probably cause quite a few women to roll their eyes since I'm not a bling type of gal.)

Imagine my surprise when Mike got home today and changed into comfortable clothes and said, "Are you ready for dinner?" Considering that I hadn't even gotten off my chair to start the meal, I thought that was an odd question. So, K started laughing and told me that we were going to....

Well, that was music to my ears! For one, as much as I love cooking I really can't stand cleaning up after it. Secondly, there are times that a good steak just really hits the spot and I was feeling the need for some iron. Let's just say no one needed to ask me to move to the car more than once.

However, on the way to the door I found more gifts.

Yes, I do LOVE flowers!
All varieties of flowers of all colors.
So, these made me smile.
next to the flowers was a gift wrapped package.

I unwrapped the box with absolutely no clue as to what could possibly be inside.

WOW, this was a REAL shocker!
They got me!!
All this conspiring behind my back took place over the week.

I live with some seriously sneaky people...

Happy Birthday to ME!!