Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Friend for the Wee One

We had Olivia today and she loves being outside. Fortunately, this morning was beautiful and we took the opportunity to get some fresh air. Our backyard is a pretty good size yard and watching her trek all the way to the back using those little legs is entertaining. Toddler energy never ceases to amaze me. Olivia seemed to have a destination in mind and she made a beeline right to her new little friend.

And here he is. Just the right size to be a little friend to an 18 month old.

"Oh, aren't you a cute little fellow?"

She likes to kiss her friends....

and again....

Stepping back to see what he thinks of her little kisses....

and going in for another one for good measure.

He's a good little friend and doesn't mind wet baby kisses, AKA drool. It seems he doesn't even mind
when she decides that his honker would make a great little handle.

She held on to his nose for quite some time while she picked up sticks and various other debris.
He was so very patient and stood perfectly still.

She even switches hands...she's ambidextrous like that.

Yes, being a friend to a wee one is rough stuff.