Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goose, goose, duck....

One of K's favorite things to do is to take a trip to the pond and feed the ducks. We ventured there today and the geese far outnumbered the ducks. They behaved themselves and were very mild mannered....although we did watch our backsides. Let's just say we've met nasty geese in the past that didn't mind their manners. Fortunately for us that wasn't an issue and I was able to snap pictures instead of worrying about getting goosed.

Doesn't he look like he's calling a meeting to order? Is this even a "he"?

The word "gaggle" suddenly made sense today.

These ducks didn't stick out at all...

OK, I'll admit it. I love their feet!
They just look so cute on their sleek bodies.
It's like they are wearing black rubber galoshes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summertime Nature Part Two....

Today is all about mushrooms.

The past few days we've been watching two mushrooms grow in our front yard and it's actually been quite entertaining. They seem to grow right in front of your eyes. Yesterday evening we pulled out the camera to capture a few shots to help us remember them.
Yep, like I said....whatever interests Miss K.

The larger one started out smaller than this one, just a few days ago.

Going in for a closer look....

The undersides always fascinate me.

Doesn't this look like soft draping fabric?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summertime Nature...

If you've been around long enough you already know that Miss K is a bit of a nature nut. Fortunately, we have quite a bit of it going on in our own yard. We live in a suburb that's been around for a while and we're fortunate to have one of the larger lots in our community. It backs up to a little creek, although I'm not really sure what qualifies as a creek so it may not be a technically correct term. Anyway, that's what I call it.

Now this area is not really that wide, but it does put a little distance between us and our back yard neighbors. In between these two streets you will find lots of critters. In fact, the other week a deer made an appearance. I have no clue where this deer lives, but I am pretty sure he does not live in this tiny patch of woods. I'm regretting that I did not have my camera handy, because in over 20 years of living here she was our first deer!

I was looking through my pictures of the past few months and have noticed how I've been influenced by my own child. I seem to snap pictures of things that she appreciates....and well, she takes my camera and snaps pictures of things she appreciates. This makes for quite a few pictures of flowers, bugs, mushrooms, animals, clouds, etc.

We're gearing back up for school, which we are starting on the 16th, and at the same time I'm getting back to my hobby of blogging. This coming week we'll be busy going through books, schedules, closets, etc. (Hey, we take back to school seriously here and I must have my closets in order to start the year off right!! Right??) For your viewing pleasure, I decided I would start with a week of nature pictures just giving you a glimpse of the world as people like K see it. In fact, she happened to snap these three photos.

Summertime nature...