Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicken Heaven

K has a dream of living on a farm, so she jumped at the chance to help with our friends' chickens while they were away. I didn't hear one complaint as she did chicken coop duty which, of course, involved chicken POOP. She took the job seriously and even studied their photos the night before so she knew them all by name.

Today was a super hot day, so we took an apple and a bowl of ice with cranberries frozen on top. When we arrived the chickens were all in the coop sitting in front of their fan. They were so excited for the treats that they all came running down the ramp clucking up a storm. Nothing like a little chicken stampede to brighten the day.

I made sure to bring my camera when we went to lock them in for the night so that I could snap a few shots for K.
(and for the chicken owners who are missing their girls!)

I kindly asked them all to turn around and face me and say cheese, but they had other ideas.

They were wondering if the tall dude had any treats on him.

Chicken hug shot number 1

Chicken hug shot number 2

Chicken hug shot number 3 (yea, it's a little blurry...I'll stop here)

Note to the chicken owners:
Rest assured....all your girls are closed up in their coop with food, fresh water, a frozen ice bottle and some scratch for snack. They survived the hottest day of the year and looked as happy as chickens when we left them.
8 eggs today and it looks like Maya used the regular nesting box
(instead of her special corner)

Enjoy yourselves!!