Thursday, October 15, 2009

A happy coincidence...

Today I was reading Lynn's blog over at Midday Escapades. On Wednesday the 14th she posted about journaling. (go ahead, check it out) At the end of her post she asked readers which journal she should pick. I was feeling a little journal envy and kind of wishing I had a new one to write in. Don't you just love fresh pages in a journal or notebook???

So, wouldn't you know less than an hour later our mail came and there was a bunch of junk mail AND a large padded envelope for ME! A little bit ago I entered a blog contest over at
Forever Daisies
and Kim AKA: Crazy Daisy let me know that I had won one of the prizes. It had slipped my mind....but I was so excited when I saw the envelope.

What did I win???

A brand new journal. What a happy coincidence!!

Now...what to write??


LisaBW said...

Hurray! What a nice surprise!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that IS a happy coincidence!!! Congrats on winning the journal. It is beautiful. Now I'm having journal envy. Happy writing!


La Belle Mere UK said...

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!

And congrats on your win!

LBM xxx

Liz said...

A nice win!