Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why English Will Have to Wait

We've recently returned from a much needed two week vacation. We were out of town from September 16th to October 1st. Our homeschooling began early in August and we worked extra hard to get ahead. I knew the week before we actually left it would be futile to even attempt any traditional lessons. Instead our lessons that week were more on the line of how to plan, pack, clear out the garden, and budget time. Being the 'smart mom', I knew also to allow us the week AFTER vacation to get back into the routine. We had groceries to buy, clothes to wash, things to put away, spaghetti sauce to make, people to visit, etc. It sure made what I call "re-entry into the real world" much easier!

Yesterday was our first day back to our "regular" homeschool lessons. It went well and hardly seemed like we had been away for a month. We have naturally fallen into a pattern of Bible, History, and Science first. Then a break for brunch. (because neither of us really dig eating when we first get up) After the break we get back to Language Arts and Math and whatever else needs to be covered for the day.

Well, that's the "plan" of our schedule.
Not necessarily so...but that's alright with this homeschooling momma!

Because all around us we can find learning opportunities. I happen to believe that there is more to life, learning and schooling than what we find in our textbooks. So, today when K was eating her lunch she heard all sorts of noise and rustling out the front window. She discovered that our dogwoods were full of robins and a few other feathered friends that were snacking on the red berries. Being birds without hands and manners, they were just landing and jerking the berries right off the branches in a frenzy. Then, K remembered that she bought peanuts for the chipmunk and the squirrels. So, she grabbed the bag and made a large pile in the middle of the garden and a small pile on the rock. She sat down and waited. Eventually our little chipmunk stuck his head out of his hole and stared at her. She just sat still making little chirping noises and quietly telling him it was safe. He mustered up his courage and came out to start stockpiling for winter. K has been sitting outside for about 45 minutes just watching him and the birds. Quite the nature show for my animal lover and a front row seat to boot.

She was so excited, she asked me to join her. Which I did, with my camera, of course.

click for the larger image...he really is rather cute!

English will wait a bit longer than "scheduled", but it will get done. K will have a story to share with her dad and her brothers and whoever else will listen. In my mind, it was the better choice.

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StephF said...

Adorable! We don't see many chipmunks down here. I think I have only seen 2 in my life. We have a lot of squirrels though...