Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little gardening...

Well, Mike and kid #4 are back outside working on that mulch pile. I snapped a few pictures and disappeared inside. My job is to get it all documented on my blog. :) It works for me!

We discovered a bird's nest in our hanging basket. I haven't seen any bird, so either she has long left or she is a sneaky little thing. Here's a picture of the hanging baskets. Now, what bird could turn down a home here???

The lamb's ear is kid #4's favorite plant. She just loves how soft it is. Mike has tried and tried to kill it, but it keeps on growing, no matter where he throws it! hehe

Here is a shot of our new boulder/rock. It's unbelievable just how heavy this baby is!

I love this Hosta, but it doesn't get as large as some of the others. I just like the contrast.

Here is a new Hosta that was just planted. I am curious to see how it looks next year.

Here is a good shot of our rock. Kid #4 and I like how it is flat on the top. It makes for a good seat. The area all around the rock used to be grass. Mike dug it up yesterday afternoon.

Here's a kid hard at work.

Taking a break, because daddy took the wheelbarrow away to dump it. She is such a good helper.

The garden used to stop right in front of those big Hostas. The smaller Hostas in the center there are new. I am hoping they grow as well as the others do.

Well, that is my front garden. I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing the chipmunks and birds play. (except for that one day when a snake and chipmunk were in the garden together...yeah, that wasn't such a lovely moment) It's peaceful and green and happy.

I'll leave you with one more photo. She is doing this for fun! I have a keeper!!

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