Monday, May 26, 2008

Movin' along...

Seems to be that this kitchen blog is about to become just a "what's happening" at home blog. :)
The kitchen is mostly done. Believe it or not, there are still more little projects to be completed. I will, of course, document those.

We have bedroom furniture coming next weekend and family room furniture coming in a few weeks. We are also throwing in a gigantic yard sale in the mix of things to do. Oh, we don't have THAT much to get rid of, but it is going to be a multi-family yard sale. I hope to make some cash on that day....but first I must find stuff to part with.

Our project for this weekend has been the front yard. We found a large rock/boulder...what do you call it? It was delivered yesterday and was dropped about 2 feet from where Mike envisioned it sitting. However, a rock that size picks it resting spot and that is where it is staying. We also had a truckload of black mulch delivered. It's still in a huge mound, although it is smaller then yesterday.

This morning we went to buy some flowers for some color. Mike worked hard expanding my front garden like I envisioned it. (at least one of use gets it like we planned) It looks nice. He planted my flowers and then kid #4 helped him spread mulch in the front garden. It looks so pretty. I plan to get some pictures tomorrow. We still have to mulch a few other places, so there is more work tomorrow....and maybe the next day.

Well, sorry to have a pictureless post....but after my busy, crazy day I just didn't have time or forethought(mainly the forethought part) to get pictures. I will for tomorrow.

til then....we are movin' along.

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