Monday, May 4, 2009

Half the fish...

Yesterday, my guys all went fishing on the bay. My dad chartered a boat to take them out to catch rockfish. It's Trophy Season and you can catch one a day. If it's under 28 inches you have to throw it back in, but you get to try again.

So, everyone had to meet at 5am and they carpooled to the marina. I guess you have to really like fishing to be up that early....and on a rainy day to boot. Last weekend we had absolutely GORGEOUS weather. This weekend, not so lucky.

My dad and my brother joined the fishing party, so there were 6 of them altogether. We all had expectations of them bringing home 6 huge fish. My mom was coming over here after the fishing expedition to help bag and wrap the bounty.

Their day started off with a bang with the first fish pulled in soon after they started. It was a 33 inch big boy that my brother landed...or is that boated? Soon after that T reeled in a 36 inch rockfish. My brother is just as competitive as T, so the fact that T's fish was bigger was enough to make his day. Then they waited....and waited... and waited some more. S reeled in two, but they didn't make the cut and had to be released. I got a text from J, my oldest, and he said no one else had caught any fish. I replied back and said I would say a little fishy prayer. Not more then 30 minutes later, J reeled in a.....39 incher! That was the last fish brought in for the day. Still they had fun and made plans to go again when there were no limits and the weather was sure to be warmer.

Fortunately, for my mom and I they had the fish cleaned and filleted at the marina. So our part was easy... just cutting and packing. Actually, at the time, I was kind of glad that they only caught 3. It was dinner time and I was hungry. Next time, I'll at least make sure I had a lunch before they get home!

The lucky fishermen

The whole gang

That's quite a bit of fish on my counter.

Here's one of the fillets from the biggest fish.

Anyone have any yummy fish recipes to share?


Smoochiefrog said...

Go to my kitchen blog and under recipes you'll find a recipe for Crunchy baked asian tilapia (you can use any firm fish)and tilapia w/lemon dijon creme & noodles (again, can use any firm fish).

Hope that helps!

Rachael said...

that is a lot of fish! i have no fish recipes, but i bet whatever you do it will taste wonderful!