Tuesday, November 3, 2009

edible projects are the best...

This week we've been learning about early civilizations. Yesterday, we covered how they wrote using cuneiform. The suggested activity for today was to practice with little "tablets" made of sugar cookie dough.
I'm not one to let a fun project go, especially one involving cooking!

So, today we looked online at quite a bit of information. We copied some symbols and then set off for the kitchen to have some fun.

K colored her work in with food coloring. I read earlier notes from quite a few people that their kids were disappointed to see their work had disappeared once the cookie had baked. I figured at least the food coloring would leave some sort of visual behind.

My nephew was here and did a few cookies, too...with everything but cuneiform characters.

This project was easy and fun, but hands down, the best part
was eating the work!!

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Corrie Howe said...

What a great idea! And can be used for enrichment activities for public and private school children too!