Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho Ho Ho....

Every year since K was around 5, she has set up a Santa's Sleigh scene and plopped herself right in the Santa seat. The first time I was in the kitchen and I knew she playing in the next room. Suddenly, I heard HO HO HO in as deep a voice as a little girl can manage. Chuckling to myself, I popped my head into the room to see my little Santa and was surprised to find her with her "reindeer".

Yes, her two little reindeer with their kleenex antlers were whizzing her around the world. Her red cooler was packed, as any Santa bag would be, with little toys.

A few things have changed over the years...

She's developed her very own white beard...although it was dripping after a few minutes.

This year she had a pillow belly and a sidekick.

He started out as a puppy in Santa's sack and ended the morning as....

....an elf helping Santa check the list.

The reindeer not only have new stick antlers,

there are more of them!

However, even with the differences over the years some things will never change...

The room is filled with laughter and a DEEP


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