Sunday, June 6, 2010

garden time...

This year our garden has taken off with a bang. It's amazing to go out there each day to see the changes. Last year the garden was lame and that was sad. This year, we just keep on smiling.
I find it hard to believe the squash has only been in the ground for 3 weeks. We'll be eating fresh by the end of this week.

Just thought I'd share a few (hundred) photos of our vegetable garden.

I didn't get any close up of the bush beans over there on the right, but they are doing well and are covered with blossoms.

Patty Pan Squash

Our Squash bed

Summer Squash



Anyone have a good pickle recipe?

We just added some bamboo poles for the cukes to keep growing.

Hungarian Wax Peppers


Pole Beans
These beans will be purple, but they turn green when cooked.

Tomato Berry plant
Don't they look like little green strawberries?

We have 16 tomato plants this summer.

I'm hoping for bunches and bunches of tomatoes.
Remind me I said that come August....

How is your garden growing?

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Betsy said...

looks awesome!