Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sparrow Family...

K made a birdhouse a few years ago and has had it hanging on the pine tree ever since. We've had a couple of sparrow families move in and move out over the seasons, but I guess I never really took the time to just watch them.

This year, I made time. Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow work as a team. They built their nest together, took turns sitting on eggs, and now they are busy feeding the babies. I sat outside on the patio and watched them for about 15 minutes and discovered something. I thought having to feed newborn son #1 every two hours around the clock was rough. Well, these poor parents have to be near collapse due to complete and utter exhaustion. Well, unless they are wired differently then we are...and of course, I suspect they are.

Here's a glimpse of 15 minutes.....
(remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them...and some are worth it)

Here's momma sparrow.

She's giving the little whippersnappers something yummy to eat.

Daddy's turn to feed them.

Ah, momma is back with some tasty tidbit.

Here's Daddy again. I kid you not!! These are taken in order.
Look at those two hungry mouths.

Here he's telling me that very same thing. "Will you just look at these greedy little piggies, I mean birdies?"

Momma to the rescue with yet more food.

Then they left for a few minutes and I took the opportunity to change my angle...

"Hello out there? Are you my mother? Have any food?"

"Where did they go? Don't they know we're starving?"

"Help! We haven't eaten in like 3 minutes."

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow seem to be doing a terrific job and they certainly know how to work as a team. However, they make me tired just watching them.

I wonder if they even know how awesome they are.


Writing Without Periods! said...

These photos are enchanting. Thank you so much for sharing.

Susan Evans said...

Cool pictures!