Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did you say...PLAN?

So, we had a lovely holiday break and I was gearing up to get back to the routine. Oh, the lovely routine!! Even though for years I swore I had no routine...I've lately discovered, that what seems like my lack of routine IS indeed a routine after all! <--We'll talk about that another day.

Anyway, the beginning of a new month is usually only mildly noticed around here. I happen to notice the day, because it means a new month of food budgeting and that means grocery shopping day! This is normally a very busy day with trips to not one, not two, but three OR four grocery stores. We restock our supplies and then shopping during the rest of the month tends to be a much milder affair.

Now, the beginning of January is a much bigger deal. It's a celebrated holiday. Well, throw that in with my need to restock the pantry and my overwhelming need to get back to routine....and you probably get a pretty chaotic looking picture. (maybe even experienced the same in your home!)

Mike was off on New Year's Eve and we went out for a nice lunch with some family and then off to grocery shop. We hit Whole Foods and Trader Joes. With the new year and my food intolerance, I've decided to buckle down and serve more whole foods, more raw foods, even some vegan meals...mixed in with our meaty meals to keep a balance. For us, 2011 is time to back away from processed foods and sugar overload. I've been researching and have found so many yummy recipes and blogs. So, I was set and ready to get rolling.

So, shop we did. However, the cabinets were already stuffed with holiday food and leftovers galore. Being that it was New Year's Eve and we had made some plans for the evening, there was really no time to sort, clean out, or put any thought into the kitchen. Everything was just put away...out of sight.

Monday is always a good day to get back to routine, right? For some reason, it seems like we always designate certain days and months to do things....and MONDAY is ALWAYS the day to start something. (anything... Just start it on a MONDAY, whatever you do!!)

I know the fridge is full of fresh produce, the cabinets are stocked with special ingredients to create new foods for us to enjoy....and somehow I'll weed out the bad, old stuff later. Come on, Monday. I am ready to steam, roast, soak, blend, and whatever else it takes to whip this family into total specimens of excellent health.

That's the plan! Oh...did I just say....PLAN?? Have I not learned?

Well, to HECK with the plans, early Monday morning....12:10 AM to be exact.....a nasty little bug decided it was time to rear it's ugly little head. It's claimed 3 out of 4 in this house, while leaving my fridge full of fresh produce just sitting there.

Tomorrow, I'll share what I did with my "free" time.

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Kristine said...

So sorry the nasty bug has invaded your home too! It is an aggressive one this year! I pray you are all feeling better soon. I'm struggling to get us back into a routine too. Ack!