Saturday, December 31, 2011

K's Room Makeover, Pt. 1

This past year K decided that she was due for a more grown up room. Her room still looked nice, but it had been that way for over 7 years and she associated it with being a little kid. She was after all turning 12 this year. Fortunately for her, we decided that yes, this would be the year of the K room makeover. As an added bonus, her American Heritage Girl handbook had a badge for Interior Design. This was a cinch for K to complete, because she had the new look all mapped out in her head. We did this back in April and May, so I apologize for just getting to sharing it now. Honestly, though she has been adding little elements to get it "perfect" ever since! The photos will share the transformation. Since there was a lot of detail, there will be a lot of photos and I've divided the post into three parts!

First, we need to look at a few snapshots of the "old" room.

Over the years, the toys and toy bins were swapped out with a small antique desk.

These framed postcard pictures would actually be the inspiration for the "new" room!

I told you the room was designed when she was much younger!

Now, before we look at the new shots let me explain a little about the whole makeover. This was pretty much a total makeover. The theme was Yellowstone National Park. She wanted something that was earthy and would remind her of nature, especially National Forest type animals. She desperately needed a new bed and she asked for new furniture. That was chosen from IKEA to keep it affordable so that we could do everything she wanted. For paint she picked out three colors. Yes, three colors. Scared me...but she had a vision.

She learned during the whole project that sometimes you just need to keep an eye out for inspiration and for pieces that will fit your vision. You just never know when the right thing will come along and help tie the room together. I'll share examples of that in tomorrow's pictures.

She also learned that sometimes you can make things that will help decorate your room and add a personal touch to your room. Best part, inexpensive projects were chosen!! We'll look at a few of those later.

Lastly, she learned that not everything has to be done at once. Over the past few months of her living in her room, she's discovered some needs or touches that would really be nice. We've bounced around ideas and have come up with some good solutions and just need to wait for a few extra dollars and time. They aren't expensive projects by any means, but with the holidays here we've put it on the back burner for now. I'm sure I'll be sharing more pictures before Spring.

Tomorrow we will look at her "new" room, but I'll give one sneak peek.

Here is one of her personal touch projects. She made a sign for her bedroom door using a little chalk board, small river rocks and a white pen all from the local craft store. It fits the theme and gives you a clue about what you are going to walk into. You can also see a glimpse of two of the three colors and she's sitting on one of those "special finds" that pulled the room together. Can't wait to show you the whole thing tomorrow!!


gail said...

I'm liking the bedspread!;)

tammy said... was a total "awesome find" moment when I walked by it in the store. I called her over to look and her face lit up! You'll see how well it fits in the room tomorrow!!