Sunday, January 1, 2012

K's Room Makeover, Pt 2

Now, for part 2 of the Room Makeover. Things to note first, K's room is small, but she's packed a lot of her personality into the room. We've pretty much let her pick everything out. Some things she knew exactly what she wanted and some we've discovered along the way. Or sometimes she knew kind of what she wanted, but didn't know where to get it or exactly what it would look like. So, I'll show pictures and share a little of her thought process....or just how it was thought out.

Ready for a lot of pictures? Let's open the door....

When you open the door and look straight ahead this is what you'll see. K's family picture collage and a vinyl quote that I picked up for her for Christmas. You can also see two of the three colors she picked for her room. She chose a dark brown, a green and a blue. She said it was like the dirt, the forest and the sky.

For this wall, she took the three framed postcards that she had hanging in her "old" room and put them in black frames. Then she took some actual photos and a couple of calendar pages to finish the grouping she wanted. Her grandma took the picture of the hawk in the middle.

The birdhouse hanging was another added touch. She loves birds and likes to keep bird feeders right outside her window so she can sit and watch them. So, it only made sense to add some inside bird decorations. This one has a little bluebird watching out the opening.

Here we step back so you can see the whole wall and her bookshelf. All of her furniture is from IKEA. The blue flowerpot is waiting for the perfect plant. She's still researching that.

Mike built a shelf above her windows years ago. It was originally white. So we pulled that down and Kristin painted it black. She likes glass bottles, so she's been keeping her eyes out for different ones. These bottles have been found at various yard sales. The empty space on the right is about to have a neat project on display. I'll share that tomorrow in the final installment.

Now, if you remember from a picture of her old room, she had a white shelf with pegs and ladybug paper on it. Well, that wouldn't do in the new design. So, they pulled the pegs out and Kristin learned to fill the holes and sand them.

Then the shelf was painted black and we put cork board on the back. There was a seam from the cork board, so she picked out a ribbon to cover it. I think it turned out rather well.

On top of the shelf you see a mason jar with rocks and fake flowers. That was one of her inexpensive projects. She also made one for the top of her dresser.

Now, we'll step back and look at it from the doorway. Her desk gives her a great view of the birds at her feeders. One of the features she really liked about her dresser was the mirror that flipped up and the jewelry tray. She can close it for more flat surface, but she likes the mirror up. I can't blame her!

For our last view, we walk in the room and turn to look at her bed. So much to talk about here. First off, K knew that she wanted some posters of animals that you could find at Yellowstone. We had no clue what or where...but we were looking for affordable. We had done some looking online and I had to remind her to be patient and that her room may not be done in two weeks. Well, just a few days later we went to Bass Pro Shop to look at camping stuff. We walked right by a section that had canvas photos of wildlife. Jackpot!! For around $20 each, we picked out two which were pretty much exactly what she had envisioned! How perfect was that?

Another tough piece to the puzzle was the bedding. We searched many places online for ideas and nothing really jumped out at us. I had picked up some really nice sheets a few weeks before, but that wasn't going to be enough! Again, we found ourselves in a store (this time Target) looking for something totally unrelated and walked right by the perfect bedding. We have the brown, the green and the blue and it has the requirement she had of having a "nature" design. It looks like she found this first and made the room around it.

A week later, she found the bird picture (also at Target) that fit with her colors and love of birds. It was an amazing design project that just came together so easily. Now that months have passed, we still find a few things here and there that would just be "perfect". Sometimes we get it and sometimes we pass. In the meantime, she's enjoying her Yellowstone National Park room and being surrounded by all her special things.

For tomorrow's post I'll share the newest updates in her room.
She has a few photos and decorations that she needs Mike to put up and has that little project that we're working on. I'll also share her idea she came up with to solve a little problem in the room. I imagine that will be completed sometime in the spring.


Frizzy said...

What a fun room and design! LOVE IT! She's a girl after my own heart. Way to go!

Willis Family said...

Love, Love, Love the colors in the rooms!

SmallWorld at Home said...

Cute room! This is Sarah from SmallWorld at Home. I'd be happy to talk co-op with you. I was part of our board for 8 years. You can check us out at, and please feel free to email me at shc (dot) small (at) gmail