Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok, just maybe.....

I've always loved this time of the year. Finally, after months of blustery, cold, short days we get breezy, warm, longer days. What's not to like? It makes me so happy that I wind up getting this weird decluttering urge. It's time to throw open the windows, clear the cobwebs and make some space in your house!! I generally don't hold onto too many things and my mantra is "You can't organize CHAOS." I'll admit that wasn't always in my vocabulary, but years ago I discovered Flylady and she changed my way of thinking. It's incredibly freeing once you get her easy baby steps down pat.

Somehow, while it took me years to discover and embrace Flylady's concepts, I gave birth to a baby "Flygirl". Before she even knew how to read, she would grab something, hold it up to my face and say, "Do you NEED this, USE this, REALLY LOVE this?" If the answer was no, then the next action was simple....toss it or donate it. My little girl is tough.

K started getting on my case a few months ago about something she considers a
"problem" of mine.

I mean REALLY? A ten year old is going to uncover and counsel me through a
"PROBLEM" area?

Just who does she think she is?


I just have a little lotion for dry patches.

Everyone has a bottle....

...or two.

Hmm, well maybe I have a few more...

I know most of you have at least this amount. There is a need for different types of lotion ....right?

So, then you all understand that......

....this is NOT a problem. We have stuff for faces, body and even our feet.
All is well, right? There is no need for K to shake her head anymore. You all agree with me.
I can feel it. think that perhaps I'm holding out a little on you.

Would I do that?


Ok, just maybe I have a little bitty problem in this area.
(this doesn't count the purse size bottles I just remembered...)

You would think my skin would be SOFTER than a baby's bottom by now, but that would mean actually following through and USING the lotion. I never, ever finish a bottle!! (except for my Mary Kay stuff...I love my Mary Kay stuff!)

So, this does go against my mantra and the sweet K is right. I need to get a grip and use it or lose it. My plan is to start using it up and actually empty a bottle or two or six. No new bottles, not even the good smelling stuff, until I discard a few of these. I think two for one is a good goal. If I get a new one, two have to go. Since I'm also a frugal nut, that means I have to actually USE the stuff up first!! During this process if I uncover a miracle lotion, I'll report back. Promise!
I know that not everyone is blessed with their very own "flygirl", but take this week to really look around and see if you might have an area or two that needs to get under control. It's the perfect time of the year to take charge!!

If you do, don't forget to share your story. I'd love to hear about it.
(makes me feel better....)


Meanbean said...

oh man, I wish my kiddo was more like that...but, I too hold onto stuff. Especially it a female thing I wonder? it's just so yummy smelling!!!

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Dear Tammy,

When I saw your pictures, it was like looking in my own I may need to do a little decluttering myself.