Sunday, March 28, 2010


It seems that no matter how much you prepare yourself and no matter how rational you consider yourself, there comes a time when the fact that your children are growing up still sneaks up and smacks you along side the head. Now, this happens more than once in a lifetime...I can assure you of that fact. Yet, you never really get used to it or find yourself ready for the sting. It's funny that it doesn't even take much to trigger the smack. There is no need for a monumental life event, although those always tend to leave a little impression for you to rub later as you pout and accept the fact that yes, indeed they are growing up. You do not have to give permission or even accept the fact, but time marches on and you are powerless.

Fortunately, I tend to have what I consider a fairly healthy outlook on both life and my children growing up. I gave birth to them and invested time, love, direction and energy...lots and lots of energy....with one thing in mind, to raise them up to be adults. That was and is a large part of my purpose in their lives. We try to provide all the essentials and a firm foundation for them to build their lives on and we proudly step back as they flap their little wings and attempt to fly on their own.

Anyone with children knows that they flap those bitty little wings a lot and sometimes with such abandon that it's hard not to giggle. Along the way, they reach milestones and they show independence in ways that just take us by surprise. We look at them and wonder just how in the world they got to this point without us really noticing that it was coming. However, we embrace the fact that they are taking steps to adulthood, even if some of those steps may drive us insane. Laughter, tears and hair pulling (your own hair, not theirs!) are all considered normal on this journey.

Those little smacks upside the head could be triggered when your little one first sleeps through the night or when they head into a classroom without tears or perhaps when they make their own lunch. Even their growth can trigger when you realize your little boy is now taller than you, or you are looking your daughter straight in her eyes without having to look down and she hasn't hit 11, yet. (yes, I speak from experience there!) Still, I find even the little innocent triggers still leave that temporary sting and shock, until you remember that it is OK and that life is marching on as it should.

So, what triggered my smack upside the head today? Oh, really it was nothing big. K came up to me with some wonderful smelling bath salts that she had just put together herself. I didn't even know she had pulled her spa kit out or was even thinking of making anything. However, she did it on her own and decided, of course, that a nice hot bath was in order. Then she told me that she thought candlelight would add some peacefulness and relaxation to her bath time.


When did she grow up?

Fortunately for me, today the sting was lessened when she brought me the candle and the match. Apparently, I am still needed for some things and I am good with that.

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