Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And they are lined up.....

Today will be short and sweet. I am still worn out from the flu. It was a real kicker.

This afternoon Erich stopped by and worked on the layout of the kitchen. He did some measuring, marking the walls and some more measuring. He hunted through the boxes and found the first few cabinets that he will put up tomorrow! Yes, they are lined up on the floor just waiting to be lifted to their special spot. There is so much to show about the cabinets, but I will wait until they are in place and then I will give the run through of what features we picked out and why.

See that black hose at the bottom of the picture? It means I did laundry today. Boy, I can hardly wait for the day I can do laundry without sticking a hose out the back window. :)

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