Tuesday, April 1, 2008

more floors...

Yesterday was a good day. The men came and worked until 9pm, but they got it all done. We now have real wood in the dining room, living room and hallway. We had wood laminate, so it isn't all that strange or new looking. It does look different and I do like it a lot. It's also nice and clean and after weeks of dust and dirty, I am enjoying the nice and clean look. We even celebrated new flooring by buying a new vacuum cleaner. Isn't that how one celebrates such an event?? I checked consumer ratings and we went out and picked up their top rated upright, which happens to be a Kenmore. (over dyson and oreck...shocked me!)

Here is a shot in the living room with the old laminate. Notice the baseboards are missing. Mike pulled them up(I did put "we", but then realized there was no "We" involved in this task!!hehe) and he also pulled up the laminate after he took this shot. Oh...and there is the new vacuum. Ain't she purty?

Now...here is the real wood. You will notice that the planks are running the opposite way. The color varies greatly and I love that part. Also, notice the new baseboards. Please, ignore the mess on the couches. We are without shelves, cabinets and drawers so there is no place for anything important.

We have new carpet! It is so soft and fluffy. Our old carpet was from when we first got married almost 25 years ago. (so, I say it was time for some new stuff) There will be more pictures of the bedroom later, when I am ready to deal with bedding and stuff.


Pamela Sue said...

Tammy...it is looking amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
Dave told me you were remodeling and that you had pictures up on the web. Knowing that house layout so well...you are making all the right changes. VERY nice. Hope your family is feeling better. Love,