Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's amazing what new flooring can do to a room, especially compared to bare concrete floors!! ;o) The room went from looking like a construction zone to looking like part of a home. The new floor brings hope that the project will actually come to an end. It gives warmth in a place that looked cold and empty....even with the yellow walls. It's worth smiling about and we all know how important that is to me. So, I am a very happy momma right now. I wasn't quite so happy when it was going in, but that had nothing to do with the workers or the floor. No, the flu had us all down in the house. Kid #4 was still recovering, but Mike and I both had fevers and all the other crud that comes with influenza. We were pretty pathetic here for a while. So bad, that Kid #2 took off work to babysit us. He's a good kid!! :)

So, you want to see the floors?? You do? Well, you came at a good time, cuz I want to show you the floors!! See, I'm happy!

Here's a shot standing in the new doorway looking to the front corner of the family room.

This shot was taken standing in the laundry room door looking towards the kitchen. Don't those appliances look like they are ready to roll? No? Well, I am ready for them.

Tomorrow will be a busy day at this house. Our dining room, living room and hallway are going to get some real wood floors AND the cabinets are being delivered. Pictures to come. Tuesday will be an even busier day!!! Counting the days....

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