Saturday, March 22, 2008

outside progress...

Well, my week hasn't been quite as I planned it. Kid #4 has the flu...the real deal...the honest goodness flu bug....influenza! They tested her this morning to confirm it. Nothing like spending days locked up in a dust filled chaotic house with a sick kid. We are surviving though and things are progressing. :)

Let's take a look at some more outside progress.

Yea!! The door is now trimmed on the outside. It looks so pretty. As soon it warms up, we'll get the white siding painted to match the rest of the house and go pick up the patio furniture we want. I am ready to get the grill going and have some dinner outside on our new patio. Wanna join me?

Our new sidewalk was sealed this week. (which explains the yellow tape) Right here at the bottom of the picture we plan to put a large rock/boulder/???/whatever you want to call it. We will be visiting the garden stores soon to pick one out. Last summer I found a PERFECT one, but of course then we didn't need one! Hoping I can find something as perfect.

We are also going to dig up this grass and extend the garden over to the new path. It is hard to believe that this dreary garden looks like this in the summer....

I can hardly wait for summer!!!!

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Crystal said...

I love your little bunny friend! How adorable is he?!