Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The before...

Before you have a during or an after, you must have a before. So, right now we are going to look at some before shots. You need to check the floor plan that I posted yesterday to get acclimated a bit to what is actually happening here. Things look way different around here and they are rolling along. I am so excited. Still choking on dust, but excited nonetheless.

Here is a picture of kid #4 in our dining room. The room behind her is the kitchen and the room beyond that is our family room. It looks kind of like a bowling alley and is something we wanted to change.

Here is another look from the edge of the dining room. You may notice we bought a new dining room table and put in a new light. It's actually the light from the kitchen eating area. You'll see more of that later. Anyhow, the white paper on the wall is where we want to make the new doorway into the kitchen. The original doorway is being walled up giving us more wall space in the kitchen.

Here is our lovely one-butt kitchen. There isn't much counter space and that is just awful for a family that likes to cook. If two of us try to cook at once, ain't purty. The whole wall behind the stove and the pantry(big cabinet) that you see here is being torn down. We will extend the kitchen into the family room.

Now this is directly across from our stove. It is where our new dual fuel Frigidaire range will go. The gas line was just installed yesterday. Now there is one more picture. (still awake??)

This is our eat in area of the kitchen. The windows face our backyard and the wall to the left is the one being torn down. It is actually history and I have PICTURES!! Want to see them? Stay tuned.

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