Tuesday, March 18, 2008

spot the difference....

Ok, so what happened today around here?? Well, let's see if you can tell.



When we moved into this house there was a fireplace in the corner of the family room. It was nice, but not really all that pretty. A few years ago we decided that we would like to reclaim that spot and that the pinkish fake brick wasn't really gonna fit into the color scheme that we wanted in there anyway. So, out the fireplace went. What we discovered though was that we wound up with a small leak around the chimney from all the banging around that it took to get the fireplace out.

So, today a roofer came by and took the chimney out for us, put in new plywood to cover the spot and shingled the roof. It was quick and fairly painless and now there is no tease of a fireplace inside that doesn't really exist.

In other news, our kitchen/family room is ready to paint. :) In a few days there will be color! YEA!! Today, most of the laundry is getting it's first coat of paint. I say most because there are two patches of drywall work that are not ready for paint, yet. I am also going to put my closet back together tonight and tomorrow. Mike painted it and put down wood laminate flooring(that he pulled up from the family room). The room is just about ready for carpet. We are getting that the end of the month.

Here are some "in progress" pictures of our bedroom.

Here you can see the wood laminate in the closet and the lovely concrete with some black stuff on it in our bedroom. The baseboards will be put in when the carpet is put in.

Here you see our nice, clean, white closet and a bit of our new color in our room. The doors are going back on tonight.

Here's a shot of the carpet sample against the room color. Again...baseboards will go in after the carpet install. They will be painted white. When it's all done I will post some pictures and probably hit everyone up for some opinions for bedding. Oh...and we picked out new bedroom furniture. The dresser, chest and end tables will be making their way here soon. (the end tables will match the dresser and chest)

That's it for now. Coming up this week.... a sneak peek in the laundry room, some outside updates and the new kitchen floorplan.

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