Thursday, March 13, 2008

preparing for demolition time...

The ripping out process has begun. Mike started taking down the cabinets and pulling the appliances. It wasn't hard to say goodbye to that stove, because it wasn't working. It decided on Christmas Eve that it was too tired to heat up! (the nerve!!) The wall with the cord coming out of it is the one that is coming down. :)

Ahhh, my precious sink. I was sure that just having it in would make everything right and I wouldn't go insane from the chaos! I begged to keep the sink for as long as possible. So, for now it stays.

This is where Mike ripped out a decorative overhang. It visually boxed in our little kitchen area and we were surprised that it made a huge difference just having it down.

Here is one last picture of "the wall". This is from inside the family room looking toward the kitchen eating area. See the mess there. This is what happens when you decide to work on 5 rooms at once.

Next up...the wall comes tumblin' down.

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