Monday, March 24, 2008

the dirt stops here....

Over the weekend I discovered a website with quotes for your walls. I was trying to think of what we could put on the space above my kitchen window. It's right above my sink and a place where I will see it quite a bit. I was thinking of something decorative. All of the sudden I recalled the rub on transfers that they make for walls. After an internet search, I found exactly what we are going to put above the window. :) It makes me smile!

Then I started thinking about the laundry room. I have a spot that I could put one that will be seen from the kitchen. There really wasn't the "one" that made me smile on the site, BUT they have a create your own page. The problem is that there are too many choices! I am thinking we will use the quote "the dirt stops here...", but now the decision as to what font to use is holding me up. I also have some room in there to put something decorative on top of the cabinet, but I haven't found the perfect thing. This renovating is hard work!!!

So, here is some of the laundry room progress. I wouldn't dream of leaving you without some pictures.

Here, Mike is hanging one of our old kitchen cabinets above the washer/drawer. He stripped the old one and painted it white. I am catching a vision for this room and I think I want it to be just a little more then a plain ol' laundry room. It has been that for years.

This picture shows you the new color in the room. It's a slate blue color and looks good when you are standing in the gold family room looking into the laundry room. We are going to put a base cabinet and counter top under the wall cabinet on side wall.

Above these cabinets is where I am looking for some decorative objects and where I plan to put "the dirt stops here..."

This is a special spot. It's where I decided that we could have a bar to hang wet clothes. I have never had that in my laundry room and I have always wanted one. It's not anything special....but it makes me smile and afterall it is about making me smile. Isn't it??

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