Saturday, March 15, 2008

things are movin' along

The very next Monday, things started moving along. All the walls were stripped down in both the kitchen area and the family room. I was happy to see all of it go, because it meant I didn't have to waste one second on stripping wallpaper!! It was determined that we really needed to put in new insulation, too.

The electrician also came on Monday with his helper. They kept busy all day and half the next day. New recessed lighting was installed in the kitchen and in the dining room. We really needed the extra light in the dining area and I am so glad we had him add that to his to-do list. We also had a back light installed to light up our patio area. That is another thing I have wanted for years, but we never got around to putting in the light.

Before we knew it new walls were going up. The plumber also came by and ran a new gas line and ran some copper tubing for our fridge. It's making the dust worth living with. :)

Here are some construction pictures...

Sure doesn't look like much, yet. However, it's nice to have the hanging wires from the ceiling removed. Also, knowing that the insulation is new is reassuring. (makes me feel warmer)

Here is the old entrance into the kitchen. It's in the process of being walled up. Good-bye little doorway. Hello, grand entrance....

I'll leave you with one more looking into the kitchen/great room from the dining room table. Lots of dust and the walls aren't up in the picture. Oh and the dog looks dead, but he isn't. He's just catching some rays by the window.

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