Friday, March 14, 2008

the wall comes tumblin' down....

The big day finally arrived!! As if taking down the cabinets and pulling the appliances out to the curb wasn't enough, we were about to go that extra step. You know...the step where there really isn't any turning back and it would cost more to fix it back up then it would to proceed. Before the big day we were joking that we could just hang the new cabinets up and put in our new appliances and save a boatload of money. That certainly is NOT what we wanted...but we knew we could do that. By the end of this day, we were committed.

So, late Saturday morning our guy, Erich, shows up with a helper. We were just on our way out to pick up tile for the backsplash, so we left them to do their magic. They were gone before we got home! It is hard to explain what it was like walking into the kitchen area. It was a very strange feeling. You could see all of your stuff, but it didn't seem like it was your house. We had tried and tried to envision what it would look like, but nothing really came close to the real thing. Our big kids came by and they were also taken by surprise at how weird it felt. A good weird, but weird nonetheless.

Here are two shots from the kitchen. The top one is looking towards the back of the house. See the big sliding glass door? Well, that is coming out. (more on that later) You can also see into the laundry room in the top photo. There have been changes in that room since this was taken. The second photo is aiming towards the front of the house and you can see some of our new appliances just hanging out and waiting for their big debut.

Here are shots from the family room looking into our former kitchen area and eating area. Lovely wires hanging down, don't you think? You can also see that I still have my sink and my old fridge. They keep me sane.

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