Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goals for 2013

The new year always has me thinking extra long about goals.   It ties into the tradition of everyone making New Year's Resolutions, except I don't like resolutions.  Resolutions sound like something to be broken. (maybe it's just me and everyone else has always made and KEPT their resolutions)  Instead, I like to look at them as goals and they are things that I would like to work towards accomplishing.  I've been thinking about these for the past few weeks and finally decided to just get them written down.  Of course, in some way that makes me a little more accountable and I guess that's good. The alternative is to just keep the goals floating in my head and then forgetting about them.   However, that would be breaking my first goal.   See, I do need to write these down!

1.  Be more focused on accomplishing goals 

2.  Be more intentional

3.  Less (that just says it all in so many areas!)

4.  Start a compost pile

5.  Enjoy (and learn more about) photography

6.  Read, read, read

7.  Get 30 years of photos organized!

8.  Explore

9.  Encourage

10.  Share

Some of these are very specific, but some seem very vague.  I'm not making them vague on purpose, but they happen to cover a lot of areas.  Trying to list those areas would just take up too much space and would ultimately put you (and me) to sleep.  So, these goals are getting printed and posted where I'll see them daily.   Don't worry, as time goes by I will take this list and make them SMART goals. I plan to highlight many of them here during the year which will help keep me on track, if nothing else. It will also help explain those "vague" goals.  Of course, I'll be sharing AND it might just encourage someone and that happens to be accomplishing numbers 9 and 10.  Way to go, Me!  Toot, Toot...yea, I toot my own horn all the time. (someone has to)

Another thing about me.  I don't make goals just once a year.  I'm constantly setting them and maybe I'll even share during the year as they come up.  I love goals! How do you know where you're going, if you've never had a goal to reach?   

How about you?  
Are you a goal setter or a just fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal?

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misssrobin said...

Great goals. Number three is my favorite -- less! How wonderful.

I have never done well with resolutions so I gave those up years ago. Partly just to be contrary. Now I choose one word for the year and let that guide me. It's less about physical, external things and more about internal cleaning up. Last year my word was kindness. This year it's see. I'm loving it so far.

And I get the vague thing. I know exactly what it means inside of me, but trying to put it into words when I blogged about it was kind of tough.

Best wishes with your goals. I hope they make you happy. Stopping by from SITS.