Thursday, January 15, 2009

a few recipes to try...

In the beginning of January, Mike got the itch to cook dinner. Being the good wife that I am, I did nothing to stop him!! ;o) I even went shopping with him! He decided that he would like to make Prime Rib as the main event. We searched and found an incredible deal at our local Safeway and came home with a 10 pound boneless prime rib roast. We invited the kids and my parents over for dinner the next day. Everything was absolutely delish!! I mean.....seriously! So, I'm going to share two of the recipes we used and I can give both of them "2 thumbs up".

Garlic Prime Rib

He pretty much followed this recipe, except he added Rosemary to the mix. It did take a little longer then the stated cooking time to get to the right temp. The slices on the end were more done, which was perfect for some family members. The rest of us just dug into the middle of the roast! :)

We skipped the bacon due to preference of some guests. We could have had it on the side, but due to time and the amount of work involved in the whole meal, we skipped it altogether. They were yummy, even without the bacon.

Leftover Prime Rib? No problem!

When you buy this much at one time, you will most likely have leftovers. We had prime rib for three dinners in a row. (not that it made any of us sad!) The second night we just heated a few leftover slices and ate them....much like the first night. The third night, I sliced the meat fairly thin. Then I melted some butter and added garlic, salt and pepper. I put the meat in the saute pan with the hot butter and just quickly tossed it around in the all that deliciousness. My goal was not to cook the beef any longer....but to heat it up. We piled this onto some incredibly yummy toast and added a horseradish sauce that I threw together. (just horseradish and mayo)

I have succeeded in making myself hungry!! How about you?


Kim said...

Okay Tammy, it's 1:43am! (time to take meds, thought I may as well check some blogs while I'm up! LOL!) And I'm HUNGRY! Maybe it's the steroid shots I got yesterday but I'm thinking EVERYTHING looks good. LOL!

StephF said...

YUM!!! I will definitely have to try these soon... They look delish!!