Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a wonderful thing....

You know what is a wonderful thing? Yes, that question has many good answers and I could probably make a whole list. For now, though, I want to talk about my
Vita-mix. When we remodeled the kitchen and had a budget set aside for stocking the kitchen, we researched and decided that we needed a Vita-mix. (maybe "needed" is a tad too strong of a word here, but it's my story!) The price is a little scary at first glance, but we had room to play with in the kitchen budget and we figured it was now or probably never. I really, really wanted one after watching the demo's of all the yummy things it could do. Fortunately, for us it has not been a regret.

I have to admit that it is not a very attractive piece of kitchen machinery. It's also too tall to slide under my top cabinets. However, since I use it so often I have to just let it hang out there on the countertop. (I try to ignore it if I'm not using it)
But what can it do?

It can do many things and I have yet to test them all out. It makes some insanely yummy mocha frappucinos! Also, I've been making fresh applesauce for my breakfast with just two apples and a dash of cinnamon. ;) You can even make piping hot soup using all fresh, whole ingredients!!! Click here to see video demonstrations, if you are interested. However, my favorite thing to make are smoothies. Let check that process out!

Look at this lovely bowl of fruit. I have some grapes, a couple of apples with seeds, an orange, a sliver of lime, a half of a banana and yes, a few baby carrots.

Let's not forget fresh pineapple.

You can add a slice with the core!

I like to add berries to the mix. Since they are not in season, I keep my freezer stocked with a few bags. You don't need to use ice in your smoothie, if you use frozen berries.

I also added a splash of orange juice. You can add a splash of any juice...or not. You can also add yogurt or any other combination of fruit. Whatever floats your boat. (you can even make a V-8 type of juice) Prepping the fruit is very quick and easy. Stems can stay on the grapes, seeds can stay in the apples and cores can stay in the pineapple. This
vita-mix can handle it all!

This is what happened to all that fruit in just a minute. Think about all the yummy vitamins and necessary fiber all loaded in this drink. Four of us shared this particular smoothie....and four of us said, "YUM"!


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I've seen these advertised and promo'd in home shows. Very cool! Can't see myself putting that king of money out. I am a little green with envy on all that it can do. Looks like a very yummy shake.

Kim said...

Yummmmmmmm! I'm thinking a Vita-Mix savings fund is in order for our house! LOL!

StephF said...

We chose the blend-tec. Have you tried adding spinach or romaine?? Lots more vitamins & fiber & the fruit covers the flavor--YUM!!