Friday, January 2, 2009

Our newest addition.... not a baby!! K had one big wish for Christmas. She has been wanting a Betta fish for over a year and kept asking for a gift card to purchase one. So, on Christmas morning she opened a gift that made her squeal! It was a Webkinz Fish and this special fish was wearing a homemade bowtie made out of a $50 bill!! We told her we would go get the tank and accessories on Saturday and then the fish on Sunday. The weekend could not come soon enough!!

Here is the tank that she picked out with all the accessories. All it needs is a FISH!

And here he is just hanging out in a bag as he acclimates to the water temp of his new home.

Checking out his new place.

Meet Phineas, aka Phin.

Ignore the paper's covering the mirror until we get a background for his tank. Don't want him to worry about the little fishie in the mirror!!

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