Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yet another gray day....

Well, I read the forecast and didn't expect anything different. Yet, I was still strangely disappointed to wake up to another gray day. Don't get me wrong...the waking up part was great. Just the having to look out at blah all day was a tad trying on my mental well being!!

Here's our lovely grill looking all sad about the weather. Focus your attention on what's behind the sad grill.

Looks like a little pond in our neighbor's yard. I saw little fishies jumping over there. Ok, not really....but I could see them if they were there.

To make things even more appealing, it was chilly in our school room this morning!


We still managed to get into gear and start school by 8:41!! Two days in a row we have started before 9:00 and both days have been terrific!

Just ask K! Poor thing has a cold, but can still manage a smile while working. Oh...she also decided today was crazy hat day. She wrote it in my planner when I wasn't looking. So, Crazy Hat Day it was. Yes, I even wore a hat....but darn, we didn't take any pictures of that!! ;)

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Smoochiefrog said...

I know right! Aren't you just sick of the rain? It's so blah.