Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow day fun....

We have a special sledding spot that has been a tradition since the boys were younger. Of isn't a secret, but it isn't as crowded as you would think, either.

K was excited that we finally had enough snow to warrant a car ride out to our special spot. Our area is pretty good about getting roads clean around here. So, we set out Monday morning. My job was to take pictures. :) I can handle that! Click on the pictures to see them full size....they are so pretty.

OK...maybe I got a little carried away with the scenery. It is just so peaceful walking in woods after a snowfall. Can't blame me for being taken in by the beauty!!

Ready, Set, Go....

And they're off...

The downside to sledding is having to come back up the hill...

Over and over again.

When we arrived we were very surprised to find ourselves alone!! There was evidence that people had been there earlier in the morning, but there wasn't a soul in sight. Of course...that didn't last very long.

Slowly they came and it looked like the hill I remembered.

One last trip down the slippery slope.

Care for a seat?

A neat hiding place I discovered on the way out. Of course, I imagine it is a much better hiding place when it is full of green leaves.

K in my hiding place.

Don't you just love cheeks that are all rosy from some time spent outside?
(she didn't lose that tooth while came out the night before)
(oh...and here is what not to wear in the snow...)


Laura O said...

My boys were so glad to finally have 'real' snow, but found it hard to sled in our neighborhood. They miss the hill our backyard had in Ohio.

And, I so relate to wearing sneakers in snow and then thinking it wasn't the best choice.

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Oh that looks like soooo much fun! Loved all the pictures. You have a good eye!

Jerralea said...

Tammy, great snow pictures! I love them. And Kristen looks so cute with pink cheeks from all the sledding. Hope y'all had hot cocoa when you got home!