Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring projects continued....

Well, as far as spring projects go in the house I am woefully behind. Being under the weather for a week didn't help. Add some grey, rainy skies in there when I did start feeling better and you can certainly understand my lack of motivation. However, today is gorgeous. It's mostly sunny and 73! So, we are back to the outside spring project. :)

Here is one double layered box leveled and staked in the ground. It's ready for some dirt.

We are crossing our fingers and toes that the chicken wire on the bottom layer will help keep the pesky moles out of the beds.

A humongous truckload of dirt and compost was dumped in the driveway earlier this week.

The plans for the raised beds came from here. According to PW's plans, it is handy to have a Basset Hound around for support. (look halfway down her post) We don't have one...but we do have a beagle on know, in case we need him.


Betsy said...

They look great! Our boxes are done, and now we need to plant. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow. Woohoo!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh how fun!! Now I've just got to get mine together!!! Great job!


Kristine said...

Great job! I hope the chicken wire works on the moles. Our cat was always a good huntress & kept them away. They are such pests! We have boxes on our list for this spring too as the soil is so much different here.

Joy said...

I think your trusty Beagle looks up for the job. ;o)

Ashley said...

You've got a much better start to your spring than I do. We start yard work this weekend - weather permitting. I am not too terribly excited about it. Lots to do.

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