Monday, March 2, 2009

Wouldn't you know.....

A little bit ago I posted that it was time to move on and pack away my snowman dishes. Read about it here.

Yes, it was time to go from this.... this.

I had officially given up on snow. Every year I hope for a good snow storm and the past few years have been disappointing. So, I tried the snowman dishes tactic. Surely that would produce results. It failed! Packing up those dishes was actually refreshing. I felt better, almost free. I released my longing for snow and turned towards the thoughts of spring. Yes, time to think of planting veggie gardens and what to read by the poolside. Ah, I didn't realize just how much those dishes were holding me back. A few days ago, it was 70 degrees outside and I quickly ran inside to ditch my coat and change my shirt. I was embracing the new season coming upon us and not looking back.

Yes....we all know what comes after spring. A hot sweltering summer and I have decided I am going to enjoy that this year. No more snow lusting for me... (you all know where this is going, don't you?)

The view out my front window today!!



Aunt B said...

I think you should have kept the snowman dishes out. I love those by the way.

Betsy said...

Woohoo! Snow!

Heather L said...

Hahaha ROFLOL I was so glad I got out of Baltimore before the big snow. Last time I had a conference in MD was the weekend of the last Huge snow where the DC area closed for almost a week. I guess I need to call the governer's office before I come next time. Yes that was me asking about seating. The Lord put where he needed me. A mom was asking all sorts of newbie questions where I sat. Thanks for stopping over!