Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring projects (part one)

Oh, I am sure there are going to be plenty of spring projects. I love spring projects. LOVE them. I get really antsy towards the end of winter and start dreaming of spring projects. You just can NOT start a spring project during winter. Nope. It doesn't work. There is something magical about spring projects for me and I plan to share some of the magic with the world.

Yesterday was outside day. Of course, the calendar says spring...but our weather isn't entirely cooperating. Well...maybe it is. However, when you start working on building raised beds for vegetable gardens you kind of expect it to be warmer. (this is coming from a non-seasoned novice wienie veggie gardener...because everyone knows that a real veggie gardener starts working on the next year's garden long before spring!) just felt a little chilly to me! We got our plans for the raised beds from here. After a late start in the morning we made the lumber run and stocked up. Then it was time to start.

All stacked up and ready to go.

Tools are gathered.

Spot is picked.

The bottom levels are built and waiting.

Spring projects are so much fun!!


Hollie said...

There is something in the air in Spring that just makes you want to get going on things I think. I feel the same way, can't wait to get stuff moving!

I look forward to seeing how the beds turn out. I am planting veggies for the first time ever this year! Yay!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Can't wait to see the next steps. I may have to follow your lead.

Karen (3rsandahug) said...

I probably count as an "experienced" gardener, but I have yet to get started on my gardens this year. It's probably time to buy seeds! So it's not just the novice gardeners that start late. Hope you enjoy your gardens and lots of fruit from your labors this spring & summer!

Brenda Jean said...

These are awesome-- I need to make raised beds this year too. It's still so dang cold I just can't get out their yet.