Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An afternoon with the horses....

Our week has been a little off my plan. You see, on Monday K came down with a tummy bug. Those are NEVER in the plan. She's recovering slowly and was insistent that today she was well enough to go on our scheduled trip to a horse farm. I mean, after all, she had eaten 2 whole saltines today! Add that to the teeny tiny piece of toast she had yesterday and you'd swear she was fit as a fiddle. Since she has been fever free for over 24 hours, I agreed to take her...but we packed a bucket just in case!

She did fine...and sat whenever she could. I know she has to be weak from lack of nutrients. Still, the workshop was great and included loads of hands on stuff. K even brought a fresh egg home. It's already in the fridge in a container with a handmade label by K. I think she wants to make sure her brother doesn't use it for breakfast tomorrow!!

Here she is waiting her turn. Her horse was Gabe.

It may not look graceful, but she actually got up the easiest of the group. I think her height helped.

She was BEAMING!

Doesn't he look like a sweetie!?

Here are a few of the feathered friends. They were waiting for us to leave so they could come out of their coop.

K's already looking forward to a summer workshop where they get to bathe the horses. I wonder how many kids are at home right now trying to persuade their parents to buy them a horse. I tell you...there are 7 that I know!


Anonymous said...

How fun, glad she is feeling better. When I was her age, I was the same way about horses, didn't matter how I felt just to be with them.

Tami said...

Boo! Bad tummy bug! Yeah! Horses! Glad K was able to go.

Thanks for stopping by my project procrastinator article. I just updated with today's progress. It is coming right along!