Sunday, September 20, 2009

close call...

There is one thing that mystifies me....ok, there are many things, but today I am focusing on just ONE. Out of all the things that we give our kids, what makes the lovey...well, THE LOVEY? Why does a child latch themselves onto a small piece of fabric and their whole well-being hinges on being able to touch that piece of fabric? In this specific case...let's discuss a piece of fabric with stuffing inside and two eyes.

Meet Brownie...

Brownie has seen better days, but considering the fact that he has been loved for over 6 years I think he is holding up pretty well. He still has his eyes and his nose is the original. Sure...his fur isn't quite the same as it once was. However, it's still holding the fluffing inside and that's all we ask.

Who knew that when Mike surprised K with this stuffed animal that this would become "IT". The must have at every bedtime no matter where in the world you are "IT". K had not had a lovey in her first 4 years of life. I guess nothing struck her fancy up to that point. Well, that sure changed when Brownie entered the home. He's gone to Disney twice, the beach several times, and various other road trips over the years. Of course...that can be somewhat risky. If your child has a "must have this piece of fabric " you've had that cold sweat inducing thought before....

"What if we.....LOSE it!??"

Do you get a sense of where this post is going?

Well, a few weeks ago we were in Delaware at son #3's wedding. We stayed in a nice hotel for 2 nights. Sunday rolled around and we packed up and loaded the car, double checking every nook and cranny and then we sat back in the room and watched some Mythbusters. You see, we had some time to kill because we were heading out to a family barbecue before heading back home. So...we were in the room after the car was all packed and ready to go. We even did a triple once over and I discovered that Mike left the hair clippers behind. Whew...close call!

So...we went on with our day and all was least until bedtime back home.

Oh yea, we did!!!

We somehow left Brownie back at the hotel!! Even though she is 10 years old and just inches from passing me in height....she was distraught. Her "IT" was not in the house. Somehow the world was not the same and we had to call the hotel that night. They told us to call back in the morning. That was rough....but she finally went to bed and woke up extra early to get Mike to make another call. After a few calls back and forth it was confirmed that they had Brownie in their possession. While this offered some relief it wasn't quite the same as having him in hand. Of course...they said to call back the next day to arrange shipping. So, another LONG 24 hours passed. When we called to get everything squared away we discovered that they also had found son #3's wallet....(which was not left behind in our room)...and this was a blessing indeed!!

Son #3 made a trip back to Delaware to retrieve his wallet and more importantly to retrieve Brownie. Brownie would not have to go through the postal system...which actually kind of scared ME! Anyway, before the day was over, Brownie was back where he a very relieved 10 year old's arms.

They both slept well....


Justin said...

So glad Brownie is home!

"It" at our house is named Teddy. Teddy was once attacked by a dog and had to have a skin (er, fur?) graft and a donor eye!

And, btw, this is Leslie K. I am going to post this as Justin since that's the easiest option at the moment. :o)

Frizzy said...

Yikes! Another blogger's son lost his special toy while in the hospital and it was never found. I am so happy you all were able to find Brownie. So far Yaya hasn't globbed on to any one item. Each day it's a new favorite toy it seems.