Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Day List...

After a busy week, I was so glad that Saturday was finally here. Best part was I had absolutely no preconceived idea at all of how this day would play out. It has been one of those wonderful "get little things accomplished and feel oh so productive" kind of days. It's cool outside and all the windows are open airing the house out. The afternoon even turned cloudy and rainy, but for some reason that didn't hamper my progress. If anything it fueled the relaxed, lazy kind of attitude that is needed for accomplishing teeny, tiny projects. You know the attitude required so you don't feel like you SHOULD be doing something else....BIGGER.

I started my day by getting up before Mike and K. Still unsure of the direction of the day, I plopped on the couch and watched something off the DVR list. Of course, when I was finished watching (and yes, I did zip through commercials) I deleted the program. Geesh, no one is going to call me unproductive today!!

Soon enough, everyone was up and we ran out...ok, drove (don't want you all to think I was THAT productive) to the nearest Starbucks. Then, they wanted a pastry....and not any of the kinds offered at the coffee shop. So, we ran (there I go with that word again...just assume anything to do with running does not involve me huffing and puffing or breaking a sweat) into our local grocery store. Since we were there...I filled up the cart with things that were on my list back home. There we go....being productive.

So, seeing it was going to be a productive day of sorts I decided that I can go with that. At this point it would just be easier to list some of the day's activities....

Spent some time in this room....

and proved that these can actually be emptied. Who knew?!?

Made a most delicious smoothie thanks in part to the above mentioned grocery store pitstop.
Ingredients included an apple, black seedless grapes, blueberries, strawberries, baby carrots, lemon juice, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, ice and a small scoop of protein powder. May not sound all that wonderful....but it was VERY good. I will repeat....probably tomorrow for lunch.

Organized my favorites on my computer. Stop laughing...that is a very productive thing to do. I had tons and what a pain it was to scroll through them all while I was looking for my hummus recipe bookmark! So, I got all of those put into nifty folders.

This led me to my next task. I decided to go through the Blog Folder and sort through them. I had tons in there and really no time to read all of them. So, I spent some time clicking through them and browsing. Some made the cut and some didn't. Some took my mind in different directions and I had to fight to stick with the plan.

Well, maybe I did get a little sidetracked. I found that one of my favorite things is happening again. Callapidder's Fall Into Reading Challenge is going on. Woohoo!! Check it out. So, you know what I spent some time doing....yep, checking out people's reading lists, starting my own and checking the library website to put some books on hold. I'll have my list up later this week. It's being tweaked.

And while I was organizing I found the recipe that started me in that direction for the afternoon.

No bonafide lazy productive day would be complete without some time being spent on taking pictures for your blog. So, I did spend some time snapping away....even got a picture of the lovely day outside to share on here.

A gray rainy day in my neck of the woods...

People started rumbling about dinner, so I went out and started cleaning this room....

just so I could mess it all up again. Something is VERY wrong with that, people!!

Found this potato recipe online...I'll let you know. Smells good!!!

If you've ever gone to a Pampered Chef party and wondered if you should shell out the bucks to get this piece.....DO IT!! My chicken will be ready in 30 minutes and will be cooked in the microwave! Yes, it won't have crispy brown skin....but it will be tender and juicy...and FAST! It's great for a "I spent too long on the computer" dinner.

Up next....We'll watch a netflix movie that needs to get out of here and then update my queue. Oh boy, the productivity meter in this house has shot through the roof.

Overall, a "very laid back, yet get some things done" kind of Saturday. I almost hope it rains next weekend.....



Amy said...

Looks like a mighty productive rainy day! Mine has been spent in the recliner trying to recuperate from the crud. Let me know how the potato recipe came out. Looked delish!

Beverly said...

I adore your beautiful kitchen!!!