Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leaving them out...

Way back many years ago when I was a kid I loved visiting the library. I'd checked out as many books as I could carry each and every time. That's something that hasn't changed over the years and I find homeschooling helps feed that book monster living inside me. I've noticed that K seems to love the library as much as I do and frequently enjoys settling down with a good book. That makes her mama very happy.

One of the curricula we use for school is My Father's World (which I cannot say enough good things about!!) and they encourage using the library to check out books relevant to what you're studying. They suggest putting them in a basket and have Book Basket Time when the kids just go and spend some time reading and going through the books. We use to have a basket, but lately we've just been putting them on a shelf. Consequently, I've noticed we don't seem to really spend as much time going through the books...and that is a shame.

So, the other day I had K pull them out of their "hiding place" and put them right smack in the middle of the dining room table. And we left them there! (leaving a random pile of books scattered across a table is not something I normally do!)

However, I noticed that when you leave them out....

...more of this goes on without you having to ask.

K would take her lunch out to the table and before I knew it her nose was buried in a book or two for the next hour. I don't mind that disruption to a school "schedule" at all.

In fact, she wound up reading a lot more than I expected.

Good informative books like these....

(although I don't think I needed a book to know that!)

Oh, yum.....not! K's review was both thumbs up.
She said it was about Japanese holidays and their traditional foods that they eat. It made her really start looking forward to Christmas! I'm going to have to go check out this book!

Lots of information in this book that pretty much enforced what we had just gone over. Don't you love it when that happens. Really helps them remember things when it's repeated in a different way.

She found this one interesting....and gruesome all rolled in one.

This one was a little rough, because she was reading it before we even talked about Japan's history. Reading about all the dynasties and trying to even GUESS how to say the Japanese names was a little frustrating. We'll review it after we've had a few more days under our belt.

K says this story was very good and then she proceeded to tell me all about it.
I won't spoil it for you.

(again...I don't think I needed a book to know this! I do love their titles, though!)
This series happens to be a GREAT series. K has enjoyed the three that she has read. The other one was You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Medieval Castle.

(note: I just went and looked at some more titles from this series...and now I'm going to go check the library system. Good summer reading material for my little history buff!)

By the way, K has been quiet for the past hour. I called her to my computer to ask her opinion on a few of these books. She walked out here carrying the above book. Yes, she's been laying on her bed reading. (this mama heart is really gonna burst!) She reviewed the individual books I shared and recommends them all. I think I'm going to have to continue just...

...leaving them out!


Kristine said...

We are HUGE bookworms here. Like you I have been a voracious reader since I was little. I've tried to instill this love of books in my children. I'm thrilled that one of their favorite places in the world is the library. In fact, Dave often says we have a library of our own & should share it with the public. Lol! Your blog post made me smile. I can DEFINITELY relate!

Rebecca said...

I do the same thing -- when we were in the States, we always kept library books in a plastic milk crate (ease of carting back and forth to the library, too). I printed out a list of the books which should be in the basket (from the library's website) and believe it or not, we never once lost a book! Pretty amazing, considering the volume we checked out over the years!!! Oh, I miss the library!!!

Now what I do is pull a few interesting titles off my shelf and leave them on the coffee table to see if someone's interest might be piqued. Usually works!

I clicked over from the SITS 31DBBB and I'll be back! Nice to "meet" you!!! ;^)

Stephanie said...

Boy, I don't have kids but I really want to read some of these books! My husband and I love Asian cultures, so these were right up our alley.

I have the whole right side of our entertainment center covered with unread books, so that's where I hit when I have (or make) the time to read something. You're right, if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. If these weren't open shelves, I'm sure I wouldn't think about what's on them.

I'm such a bookworm, but don't even have a library card. I shop at my local used bookstore, but the library would be so much cheaper! That's going on my must-do list. Thanks for the ideas!

Kympossible said...

My kids all read well, but only the younger three LIKE to read. It's the weirdest thing - my oldest was the easiest to teach to read, and the youngest to learn, but has not read a work of fiction for pleasure since he was about 12yo. I don't get it.

BUT - thankfully the others still love to read. They particularly LOVE those "you wouldn't want to be..." books. Those are fantastic!