Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogger Friend School

I just decided to sign up for Blogger Friend School 2008-2009. I am not entirely sure of what to expect, but I do know that it looks very interesting and challenging. I will be given weekly writing assignments and will be able to read other blogs that are working on the same assignment. Kind of like Mommy School. :o)

If you are interested in checking them out and seeing the free giveaway they are offering right now, check them out here.


Nancy said...

Hi Tammy! So happy to see you've signed up for the BFS giveaway. I am sure you'll have fun with all the assignments and meeting new bloggers.

Mrs. Nancy
BFS Teacher

Sombra said...

Hi Tammy, I've used the Categories to keep track of my BFS's, I'm sure lots of bloggers have, so if you're interested in seeing "what you're in for" you can check out my submissions, and look up BFS posts on other bloggers sites

Mrs. Sombra
BFS Teacher