Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Mike took most of this week off and we are doing some random field trips, of sorts. Kid #4 was very excited about this idea, because it counts for days of school without having to do math. ;)

On Monday we headed to the Eastern Shore and tried our hand at fishing. We decided to go to the Choptank River Fishing Pier which is the old bridge that went over the river. The weather was cooperative and we all actually got up early enough to head out close to the planned time. Sons #1 and #2 were able to join us, as well as my dad.

We all caught something. However, our plans for a big dinner were dashed when we saw what size we were pulling out of the river. At one time, I reeled my line in to check if I still had worms on my hooks. My son looked over the bridge and said, "you have a fish on your line!!" Oh my word!! It was so tiny that I had no clue it was there. Anyway, kid #4 was so excited because she caught over 20 fish!! No one else was even close. She told us, "You just drop your line and play with it a little and a fish jumps on." Wouldn't you know....she did just that and a fish jumped on everytime.

Here are some pictures of our Monday adventures....

I believe this was fish number 3. We had no clue at this time that the fish wouldn't get any bigger and that this girl was gonna snag over 20 of them.

Yeah, she is having a REALLY good time!

Kid #1 is joking about this big whopper that he pulled in all by himself!

This is number 13 or something like that. You can see grandpa right behind her and daddy further down the bridge.

Kids #1 and #2 enjoying themselves. #2 was intent on trying to pull a crab up. He had one hanging onto his line right up to the railing when it decided to let go. #3 was stuck working on Monday. We missed him. He, on the other hand, didn't miss much!!

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