Friday, August 29, 2008

Mount Vernon

A few days ago we had a chance to go back in time. Well, sort of. ;) We headed to Mount Vernon, home of our first president. Kid #4 has been looking forward to going there for quite a while. Last school year we studied early American history and made a plan to go to Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, on the day we had planned she woke up with a high fever. I had no desire to go during the hot, hot days of summer, so we put the trip off. Our plan was to go in September sometime. However, the weather cooperated and off we went.
I am going to let Kid #4 post about the pictures.

Here I am walking with George and Martha and their grandkids. These statues were in a building. There was a movie theater in the building and we watched a movie about George Washington during war. They had a model of George Washington's house and it opened and closed. You could see inside.

This is a picture of the slave's quarters.

We took this picture of George Washington's house while we were standing in line to go inside. It looks like stone on his house, but it is really wood. They painted it and added sand to make it look that way.

This is a picture of George Washington's Riding Chair. He would sit on it and a horse pulled him.

Here is one last picture of George Washington's kitchen. It was a separate building. That helped keep the house cooler in the summer, because they wouldn't be cooking inside. Also, it helped reduce the risk of the mansion burning down.

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StephF said...

I can't believe how big Kristen has gotten!! We love American History, so I will have to share this post with the kids.